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NUI Galway Theatre Week

March 10th – 14th 2014

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School’s Theatre Programme

Electra, BA Drama, Theatre and  Performance Monday 10th at 10am
Tuesday 11th at 10am,
90 minutes
Venue: The Cube Theatre
Shakespeare Workshops, ThereisBear! Theatre

Macbeth. Monday 10th at 11am
Merchant of Venice. Tuesday 11th at 11am
Macbeth. Wednesday 12th at 11:30am
Merchant of Venice. Thursday 13th at 1pm
Macbeth. Friday 14th at 1pm,
90 Minutes each (extendable)
Venue The View

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romeo_juliet_crop-461x415  thereis bear   BA in Performance
Cyclone ‘Romeo & Juliet’              Thereisbear ‘Angels in America’           NUI Galway BA in Performance Students